We exist to help the community and hard working entrepreneurs who could use assistance to follow their dreams.

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About Us


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What dreams are still to come?

The John Wilson Memorial Trust (JWMT) was set up in memory of the late John Wilson, son of Ulster Carpets founder, George Walter Wilson, following his passing in 2009.

John Wilson always had an enduring passion for business, particularly the long held establishment of significant employment in Portadown that is in keeping with Ulster Carpets' place in the community. The Trust is run by nominated Trustees involved in Ulster Carpets including two of John's sons.

The Trust actively seeks opportunities to support local business and charities that are making a difference to their community.

Jeremy Wilson, Trustee member of the JWMT explains: "...at Ulster Carpets we are committed to giving back to the local area. We pride ourselves that after 85 years trading, our manufacturing is still based on our County Armagh site. We want to continue to encourage and inspire entrepreneurship within our hometown."

Health research is a another fundamental factor in improving health and wellbeing and The John Wilson Memorial Trust has funded a number of projects in this area.

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