Jonathon travels to Ecuador

The John Wilson Memorial Trust assisted Jonathon Braziel on his journey to Ecuador to support underprivileged families living in some of the world's most remote parts

In July 2019, Jonathon Braziel travelled to Ecuador with Camps International, who are an organisation that send groups of volunteers abroad to parts of the world that suffer from poverty and engage in projects to help communities affected.

After a long journey between long haul flights and a 10 hour bus journey Joanthon and his team arrived at their first camp which was located on the edge of the Amazon, it was called Camp Don Biki. Whilst the team were there they built a shower, toilet, and a unit for collecting rainwater. There were no electric tools everything was made using traditional methods that the locals taught them. From Don Biki the team then made a two hour trek through the amazon rainforest to reach the most basic camp called Chilli Urko. There was no electricity, and showers were from buckets. Here the team helped to re-decorate and paint some old furniture for a local school building.

Kuri Kucho was Jonathon's favourite camp it was located within the Andes mountains, the village was 3300m above sea level. In comparison Slieve Donard, County Down is 850m in height. The altitude took some time to get used to but the view from the camp was breathtaking, in particular Cayambe a nearby volcano. While they stayed here they built a road which helped connect the isolated houses across the mountain. The last camp they visited was called Las Tunas and it was located along the coast. While in Las Tunas they also had the privelage of meeting kids from the local school and helped them to construct a jungle gym, a bamboo canteen and a form a beach cleanup project.

This trip really challenged Jonathan's outlook on sustainability of our planet and how smaller everyday changes can have a lasting impact.

Jonathon expressed, "this trip would not have been possible except for the financial help from the John Wilson Memorial Trust." As other students who have had assisted travel from the trust in the past, Jonathon too said that it was, "the trip of a lifetime".

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