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'Healthy Kidz is a comprehensive, evidence-based, out-come focused, engaging physical fitness programme that aims to give physical literacy the same level of importance as academic literacy on the school curriculum.'

Through the John Wilson Memorial Trust, Healthy Kidz has made substantial advances in employing additional employees, two full time staff and eight part times. The funding from the Trust meant that Healthy Kidz was also able to increase their app users from 4500 to nearly 9000. The ‘app’ is a downloadable application for children undergoing the Healthy Kidz fitness and education program. Through the app, figures have shown that school activity has increased by 35%.

There have been new technical elements added to the app where students and teachers are able to login and encourage one another. Family members are also to become users thereby increasing the healthy reach and involvement further into the community. Pupils can compete with class to class and school to school to see who is most active. Healthy Kidz have been able to collaborate with Sketchers, in that whichever class reaches the best performance the whole class wins a pair of sketchers.

Healthy Kidz won their first award at the Social Enterprise Annual Awards 2017. They were highly commended in the “One to Watch” category, in what was a very competitive field. They now employ twenty-five staff; nine full times, sixteen part-time and a bookkeeper.

Healthy Kidz currently have a circa of 10,000 children taking part in the programme weekly. A fantastic organisation promoting a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate rational is to improve curriculum, healthy kids, healthy minds, and a healthy lifestyle.

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