Kettle Of Fish

With Kettle of Fish films you get something different. New perspectives on common themes.

Kettle of Fish films are based at the social enterprise hub in Lurgan. Paul Moorehead, the founder, and Thomas Glass, video producer, redeveloped the brand and renamed the company as it was previously known as LJHSTV. They used the name Kettle of Fish because they found it fun and unforgettable.

With the funding from JWMT and the business advice from mentor Brian Hunter (MPact) Kettle of Fish purchased new business cards and stationery, pop up banners, created a new Facebook and social media campaign and rebranded and developed their website. They gave the company a new identity.

Kettle of Fish has completed a lot of projects for Craigavon Intercultural Groups, BBC, awards ceremonies and local SMEs. Recently they branched out into the United States producing new media for American universities.

Kettle of Fish believes in making films that challenge views, provoke and promote discussion by asking difficult questions and addressing issues that are at the heart of a community.

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Kettle of Fish
45 Market Street
Co Armagh
BT66 7AA